Retail Cold Brew line-up !

Retail Cold Brew line-up

ZoZozial® has a strong retail Cold Brew line-up. We can provide you with our portefolio – The 60 ml Coffee Shot in five different flavors – Vanilla, Pure, Mocha, Caramel and Licorice. The Pure and Licorice is without added sugar. The “soft drink” in 250 ml bottle Cold Brew Ready to drink in Black (no sugar) or Vanilla (added cane sugar), or you can choose it 3 and 10 liter Bag in a Box if you want a dispenser solution.

One of the biggest trend right now is the Nitro Cold Brew and we can help you with a solution with both a Nitro dispenser and Nitro Cold Brew.

The newest product in the portefolio is Ice Coffee Cold Brew Ready to Mix in four different flavors – The Original without sugar and Vanilla, Chocolate and Sweet with added cane sugar. You can choose between 500 ml. bottle or 3 and 10 liter Bag in a Box. All Organic and Fairtrade certified.

It is not just cold coffee, it is a very pleasant coffee drink with notes and flavors you thought you would never taste, and a new way to get caffeine the natural way.

We can provide you with a solution for Supermarket or Convenience stores, with appealing displays where you can show the products in a beautiful way.

Cold Brew Ready to Drink Black Vanilla organic fairtrade


The healthy “Energy” drink

And of course our organic and Fairtrade Ready to Drink is not an energy drink – we don´t have any numbers in here – just delicious Cold Brew.

No added sugar – No added Taurine – just the the natural occurred caffeine from the coffee bean.

If you like our delicious clean coffee taste, and don´t mind the natural high caffeine content you can still call it your energy drink.



ZoZozial Coffee Shot display


We know the importance of displaying our product the right and the best way – the appealing displays are exclusive and eye catchy.

On the floor display we have 216 Shots bottles of 60 ml. and it can be configurated with all five variants or as you please.

Good products, beautiful displays – now it´s only up to you to find the right spot to place it.



ZoZozial Mocha Shots