Cold Brew | Coffee Shot Vanilla | Organic | Fairtrade | 100% Arabica | 60 ml.


The organic and Fairtrade Cold Brew Coffee shot is very tastefull and well-balanced sweetness.

It is perfect to drink on the go. You can mix it with your favorite milk/plant drink for a latte, or you can mix it in your favorite drink/tonic.

The shot contain 60 ml. and is easy to carry with you when you travel, either by bus, car, train and because of the size it is allowed to bring on the plane.

It is also perfect instead of a traditional energy drink, here you have an energy booster with a natural high occured caffein content.

Perfect when you are tired and need to be refreshed.

Vanilla  is with added cane sugar.

Natural flavor

High content naturally occured caffeine.

60 ml.

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