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Compostable Coffee Capsules/Pods

Compostable Organic Fairtrade Coffee capsules/pods

The capsules basic material is based on renewable raw materials >96% and is 90% compostable in 62 days. The capsules is certified by TUV Austria OK compost.

Coffee capsules/pods are compatible with *Nespresso® home machines

Free from GMO and Aluminum.

Capsules/pods of organic and Fairtrade roasted ground specialty coffee premium Grade 1 beans from the best coffee producing countries in the world. The coffee beans have a SCA score on 82 and up, in fact the most is 84 which is a very high score. We are also a member of the SCA – Specialty Coffee Association.

Coffee are hand- and batch roasted carefully in our Giesen 15kg and 60kg cast iron drum roasters.

The pods/capsules is hand packed in craft paper bags with valve and zipper – 15 pcs per bag or in bulk with 200 pcs in a box.

All our coffee is 100% Arabica and either organic, organic/Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified form farmers all over the world.

We are organic certified to protect the consumers and coffee farmers against harmful pesticides and protecting the environment, for a more sustainable future. Fairtrade certified to ensure that the farmers are guaranteed a fairer pay, better rights, safer working, to prevent child labor and to ensure traceability in the entire chain. For shoppers it means high quality, ethically produced products. Rainforest Alliance to help against deforestation, climate changes, systemic poverty, and social inequity.

We are also proud to integrate 14 of the 17 UN’s world goal directly or indirectly, in our way of doing business. We take responsibility in the hope of a more sustainable world.

*Nespresso® is a trademark of a third party without any link with ZoZozial®

Sustainable Coffee – good for you and the environment !

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Decaf Lungo & Espresso
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