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Organic and Fairtrade Cold Brew/Ice Coffee


ZoZozial® Cold Brew is a REAL Cold Brew.

The Cold Brew is brewed in cold Danish ground water for several hours.

Cold Brew has a pure Coffee taste with no bitterness.

Use as Ice Latte, drinks, cocktails, marinade, desserts and baking.

Cold Brew coffee has a natural high caffeine content


ZoZozial® has produced Cold Brew since 2015.

We started an experiment after an article on an American website but had to find that it was not so easy and honestly, the first many attempts did not taste very good. We continued for a long time to experiment with all parameters – e.g., beans, roasting, grinding, time, amount of water and degrees.

In short, it succeeded very well and today we are among the elite of Cold Brew producers around the world.


 Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

Cold Brew is coffee brewed in 5° cold water instead of hot water brewing.

Over the course of 16 hours the water has extracted flavors, essential oils and caffeine from the coffee.

Cold Brew has a pure round coffee taste with no bitterness, as it is not hot brewed.

Iced Coffee is hot brewed coffee that has been cooled down.



Quality and knowledge go “hand in hand” and ZoZozial® brew the “REAL” Cold Brew with the knowledge of the Coffee we use.

Our expertise as roasters benefits us here – from choosing the best quality organic and fairtrade Grade 1 100% Arabica raw beans – to hand roasting with close monitoring of the roasting process of our own roasters at our own roastery.


Sustainable Cold Brew

Cold Brew from ZoZozial® is your sustainable choice, as it is Organic and Fairtrade certified.



You can buy all coffee, capsules/pods or Cold Brew as a One-time purchase or you can sign up for a flexible subscribtion solution.

You have the full choise over what type, weight and how often you want the delivery of your coffee.

14 days – month – 2nd month