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Organic and Fairtrade Cold Brew/Ice Coffee

One of the biggest trends right now is Cold Brew. How can that be you might ask. No one likes cold coffee, right! But in fact it is easy to make but difficult to get a god taste. We can help you with that!

Our secret is the way we roast the coffee and the coffee we use for cold brewing. We only use organic and fairtrade Grade 1 beans from Indonesia, South- and Central America. 

ZoZozial® has made REAL Cold Brew since 2015 and is one of the leading Cold Brew producers in Europe.

We are proud to tell you that we in 2016 had a SIAL innovation price for the “Cold Brew Ready to Drink” and “Cold Brew Concentrate”.

ZoZozial® REAL Cold Brew.

The drink is brewed in cold Danish ground water for many hours. Therefore it is Pure coffee taste, fruity-sweet acidity without the usual coffee bitterness. The Cold Brew has an other benefit – it has a naturally occured high caffeine content. It is basicly a “natural energy drink” but without the “bad” E numbers.

Drink the Cold Brew Ready to Drink with ice cubes or directly from the fridge. You can also use Ice Coffee Ready to Mix in drinks/cocktails eg. Espresso Martini, Black Russian, White Russian, Espresso Gin & Tonic or the alcoholic free Espresso Tonic. For cooking in sauces and marinades, In desserts eg. Tiramisu, over your favorite ice cream and for baking.

Organic and Fairtrade.

Cold Brew Coffee has a natural high caffeine content!

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What is Cold Brew? When we speak of Cold Brew, we are specifically referring to coffee that has been brewed with cold water – this creates a different drink entirely. The drink can be traced to 1600´s Japan where the brew methods evolved, from the basic immersion using a toddy, to the elegant cold drip towers. It is still these methods that is used today all over the world. The market is currently booming, due to the popularity with younger people who prefer cold drinks and a milder flavor compared to regular coffee. It is also appealing to health-conscious people because of its low acidity and mild sweetness means that it can be drunk without the dairy or sugar required to neutralize the bitterness of regular coffee. The Cold Brew trend is growing, and we see a lot of pre-packed and on-tap products aimed at mainstream audiences, with nitro brew as one of the latest hot news. Charged with nitrogen, pulled from a bar tap, so that it cascades into the glass with a head like a thick beer and a smooth and creamy texture. What are the benefits? When you brew a regular cup of coffee, you use boiling water at 92-98° C. When you brew Cold Brew you use cold water and it is brewed much longer, several hours in fact, to increase the contact time between water and coffee grounds. This extraction reduces the levels of acidity in the finished drink. And because it is brewed in cold water there is less bitterness, so you do not need sweeteners or diary to compare for this. Due to the fact that it is brewed in cold water you also have to use more grounded coffee and therefore the finished drink has a naturally high caffeine content. So this means that you can drink it as a energy drink without any additives at all. Tasty and delicious !