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Coffee Equipment

Coffee Equipment

When you brew coffee at home you will need the essential equipment for brewing.

Here you will find the best brands for coffee brewing. You will also find organic and Fairtrade coffee beans and Cold Brew in our shop.

If you think that you can brew a really good coffee with bad coffee and good equipment, then think twice. You must always start choosing a good coffee and then select the equipment for the coffee brewing methods that you prefer.

Whether you want to brew filter coffee, French Press, Espresso or Aeropress we can help you with that. We only sell high quality coffee equipment from the best producers in the world.


Hario is a Japanese Factory founded in 1921. The design, quality, and production of the legendary heatproof glassware and household items is well known all over the world. Every barista knows the iconic Hario V60 series. The Hario V60 Range Server, the cone shaped Dripper/paper filter, and the V60 Kettle Buono with a long slim spout is used in cafés every day all over the world.


Bialetti was founded in 1919 in Omegna, Italy. They started producing aluminum semi-finished products. In 1933 the Founder Alfonso Bialetti invented Moka Express Coffee Maker. Today the Moka Ekspress is the most used coffee maker in the world and in Italy every household has at least one Moka Ekspress.


The Aeropress is a manual coffeemaker invented by Alan Adler back in 2004. Allan Adler developed his first prototype in his garage. Aeropress is perfect for making semi-espresso at home or when travelling. It is easy to handle and as it is manual, it does not need electricity and can be used nearly everywhere, all you need is boiled water and grounded coffee.


Cleaning products for commercial and household coffee equipment. Used by the world’s best baristas and leading coffee brands.

Brew Coffee your way !