Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Implementation

Are you ready for the demand – Fast and easy serving of nitro or still Cold Brew is the key to success, but more important is the taste and food safety.

ZoZozial are capable to deliver every kind of Cold Brew Coffee product desired – RTD or concentrated bag in box ready to attach to a dispenser or for manual dispensing – to ensure consistent quality, taste and food safety.

Our bag in box concept is the most safety way to ensure food safety, due to the long shelf life and aseptic filling.

The best and fastest Nitro solution.

Nitro or Still Cold Brew

Build in dispenser in an existing bar environment – Nitro and Still is served directly from the ZoZozial bag in box, that way no hands are touching and mould and yeast are avoided.

Stand alone dispenser

The ZoZozial bag in box Cold Brew is attached under the bar.

Nitro Cold Brew poured


Why should you select a ZoZozial solution?

Because ZoZozial is the leading Cold Brew producer in Europe, and since 2015 have developed and delivered solutions for customers around the world.

ZoZozial is a trusted partner and is selected by large coffee chain because of the unique taste and a highly professionalism.

Many Coffee bars and chains started to produce their Cold Brew by them selves but realized that the food safety was bad –  and yeast and mold was a large problem, also the fluctuating quality depending on who made it was unsatisfying.

By selecting ZoZozial as your partner, you will have a product with:

Consistent taste

High food safety

Long shelf life

Ambient storage

Easy to handle

Our products are:

Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest or UTZ Certified.

FSSC 2000 certified

Aseptic filled

RTD or concentrated

Delivered in 3 or 10 liter BIB