ZoZozial is a 100% family owned Coffee Roastery founded in 2014 and is situated on Funen where the famous author Hans Christian Andersen was born.

Our mission is to be social responsible, sustainable and to roast organic premium coffee.

We are Organic and Fairtrade certified – to ensure the farmers get payed fair prices, and for protecting the coffee farmers and consumers against harmfull pesticides. We are also Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified in order to fight deforestation, climate change systemic poverty and social inequity.

ZoZozial sources the  beans from all over the world and batch- and slowroast ourselves, to ensure the coffee has a consistent quality – we take care of the coffee the entire way from roasting and until the coffee is in your hand.

We have selected our partners carefully to provide you the best service.

We work hard to ensure that our coffee is of the highest quality – so that you can enjoy the best cup of coffee.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact  Team Zo and we will answer as soon as possible.