Cold Brew

ZoZozial RTD Cold Brew



It is said that Cold Brew can be traced to Kyoto in Japan where the Japanese has been making Cold Brew since the 1600’s. In Japan Cold Brew is also known as Kyoto Style Coffee, named after its popularity in the city. Another story is that it was the Dutch who introduced Cold Brew to Japan. 

It is relatively recently that Cold Brew came to the US where it is in its third wave. In Europe it’s upcoming and it´s popularity is rising especially among the younger generations who are used to drinking colder drinks and prefer a milder coffee and lower acidity taste compared to regular coffee. 

ZoZozial has produced Cold Brew since 2015 and is first mover in Europe. 5 years later we sell Cold Brew in many variants in many countries around the world.


What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Due to the brewing in cold water the Cold Brew gets less acidity and bitterness compared to regular coffee. In fact it is not necessary to use sweetener or dairy when drinking Cold Brew unless you like it that way. 

Another benefit is that it has a higher natural occurring caffeine content as a regular cup of coffee. 

Just to make it clear Cold Brew coffee is coffee made with cold water and has never been heated unless it is pasteurized or heat treated. Iced coffee is mainly made with coffee or espresso brewed in hot water and afterwards chilled – it is not Cold Brew but you can use Cold Brew to make Ice coffee.


How can I use Cold Brew?

You can use Cold Brew in many ways – e.g. in shakes, drinks, in desserts, as marinade for your meat, in cakes and sauces – the only limit is your imagination.