Ingrediens – Cold Brew Coffee Extract

Cold Brew Coffee as ingredient

Cold Brew Coffee Extract

ZoZozial® Cold Brew coffee is the perfect extract to use as an ingredient in products – if you want to develop a product with coffee taste and less sugar.

Due to the process we have developed, we can deliver an extract with an intense and pleasant taste and a naturally sweetness – this means that popularly coffee drinks can be developed with less or totally without sugar.

Another benefit is that Cold Brew Coffee has a naturally occured high caffeine content. The caffeine content is up to 5 times stronger than a regular cup of coffee. So it is in fact natures own “energy drink”.

We offer a large range of standard products for use in all kind of finished products, depending on the requested taste and information about the desired final product, we can recommend the right base.

ZoZozial’s experience in developing extracts make us capable to develop customized products if a specific is required.

Cold Brew extract for milk drinks

Coffee drink

Coffee is popular like never before – and ice latte/- coffee with milk or plant drink like almond and oat is one of the most popular combination.

The trend is health and none or less sugar.

With a traditional coffee extract developers need to add large quantities of sugar to cover the burned and bitter taste.

With ZoZozial Cold Extract coffee, this is not needed due to the process we have developed.


Ice cream – Raw bar

Also in Ice cream and other desserts our Cold Brew Coffee extracts is very suitable – the unique flavors in the coffee is reflected in the finished product.

Also here the benefit is the unique taste and the possibility to add less sugar.

In natural bars like raw bars ZoZozial Cold extract also can be used, maybe in combination with our coffee beans as the crunchy part.


Espresso Martini, Espresso Gin and Tonic or maybe a Siciliano – with ZoZozial® Cold Brew extracts developing of drinks is a pleasure.

Consistent quality and food safety is important for companies that are launching new products, either it is for retail or HoReCa customers – ZoZozial® is know for the uniform quality, and you can count on us.

To ensure high food safety we produce under FSSC 22000 standard


Non alcoholic

Non alcoholic drink has become more and more popular from beer to wine but also drinks are very popular – at ZoZozial® we offer different Cold Brew Coffee extracts that can be used.

Also in RTD drinks like Cold Brew, Cold Brew with flavor and Cold Brew in combination with juice we have solutions that is perfect – reach out and we can guide to the right product. 

ZoZozial cold Extract in drinks