Our Coffee

Honduras Medium Fairtrade Organic
ZoPrezzo #1 Fairtrade Organic
Peru Medium Organic
ZoZozial is a 100% family owned Coffee Roastery founded in 2014 and situated on Funen where the famous author Hans Christian Andersen was born.
All our coffees are organic specialty Grade 1 coffee, hand- and batch roasted carefully in a drum roaster to ensure the desired flavors and aromas are captured for a perfect taste and consistent quality.
All ZoZozial coffees are either organic, Fairtrade, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified from farmers all over the world and we know the exact origin of each coffee.
We are Organic and Fairtrade certified – to ensure the farmers get payed fair prices, fair conditions, to ensure sustainability, to protect the environment, the coffee farmers and consumers against harmfull pesticides. We are also Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified in order to fight deforestation, climate change systemic poverty and social inequity.
Organic – Responsible – Social Commitment.